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Dear Future Me – Part IV

Hi everyone,

I know I’m about half a year late to update this series, but I had a good reason for holding out so long.

For those who will read this for the first time, this is a letter from the me of today (it is the 26th of December 2019) to all the mes of the future, to remind the future me of the struggles I have gotten through whenever the going gets tough.

If you’d like to read the rest of them, I’ve linked them below –

Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me Part II

Dear Future Me Part III

Now, here we go.

Dear Sonali,

I’ve just read the letters from the last three years, and I find myself moved to tears, by myself. That sounds weird, but life is, so we’ll deal with it.

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Dear Future Me – Part VIII

At this point, I’m pretty sure I don’t even have a schedule to update these and I’m not entirely sure if anyone is still reading, but I’ll carry on this tradition for the sake of my memories.

A bit of a background for the stray reader who has stumbled upon this post somehow – Hi! I do this post once a year where I address a letter to myself, one year in the future. So far, it’s helped me keep track of the happenings in my own timeline, you’d be surprised how many moments we forget through the years.

If you’re interested in reading the rest – go to this link and scroll down to the Dear Future Me section!

Anyway, so this is my letter for 2022, only a few months late this time.

Dear Future Me,

Exciting year we’ve had this time. We’ve finally seen Covid – 19 go down a bit, and most people are now vaccinated.

Although, you did get Covid in Jan, so there’s that. Because Mom and You got it, we had a damn picnic of a time! Armed with a microwave, a cooker and an Amazon Prime subscription, we basically shooed ccovid away.

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Dear Future Me – Part VII

For the people that still follow this thread, I know I’m late for my regular update. This has been on my mind a lot but it’s taken me a whole year to get around to it now.

For everyone that has no idea, I post a letter, once a year, addressed to myself, one year in the future. I started this somewhere in 2015 and have continued to work through it.

Click here to read the entire series

Looking back, there’s so many memories that I would have forgotten had I not written them down.

Anyway, here you go, 2021’s update

Dear Future Me,

It has been a hell of a ride this year.

I’m sure the days have blurred for you already, but 2021 brought challenges that 2020 couldn’t.

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Dear Future Me – Part VI

Yes, I’m going to do one of these before I get to April (that’s the usual upload) because I think this year needs to be dissected a little bit.

For everyone that has no idea, this is a tag I started years ago based on a challenge.

I write a letter meant for myself, to be read a year later. I usually end up reading these multiple times through the year though.

These are long, sometimes personal details that slip through the average readers eyes, a code only I and a select few people are meant to understand. Make of that what you will.

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3 Line Tales Week 72 – Relic

As usual, a big thanks to Sonya for continuing to hold this challenge. Every time I come back into the blogging world, this challenge has been the motivation.

Read the other stories and join in the challenge here
Here’s mine for the week!

The flickering light from his torch reflected in his wonder struck eyes, flitting excitedly through the history painted on the walls of the destroyed rock that was once a planet.

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Sneek-Peek into my home spa collection!

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I put up any posts on my blog, possibly attributed to the move back to India and joining a company.

It also is, only a teeny tiny bit, because I wanted to have refined content when I do end up posting. So while I refine my usual story content, I wondered whether I should do a top 10 list of skincare products I use/have used? I’ll try to do a review of some over the next month!

My fascination with bath products is relatively new. With the extended lockdown and the pandemic, it is really difficult any type of relaxation, especially if you’ve been working from home and your work hours sort of take over your day.

To overcome the fatigue, I’ve slowly built my slew of spa like products to pamper myself over the weekends. I’ve found this to be a great idea to completely unwind and forget about the world for a while.

Here are a few tips on spa/bath products that I’ve learnt over the course of this year. If you’re here for the list of products, go ahead and skip the tips!

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Dear Future Me – Part V

This is a series I started a very long time back for a challenge Savio had tagged me on.

As the name suggests, these are letters to myself a year later, talking about what past me wouldn’t want to forget.

I liked the concept a lot and it honestly feels like a time capsule to me. When I was a kid, there was a show on the TV which asked kids to write messages to themselves and then bury the bottles in their yards.

I remember being so upset because we live in flats and don’t have yards. Now this series is my message in a bottle. To myself.

Here’s the link to the rest of them, if you want to have a read.

Hi Sonali,

God, this letter is going to be a long one so better brace yourself.

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Korean Army Base Stew (부대 찌개) with Indian ingredients

It’s been a long time since my last recipe was uploaded to my blog even though I never actually stopped trying new ones.

This recipe was one I wanted to try for a very long while and finally got a chance to. It’s a very versatile recipe that can use almost any ingredient you have at hand.

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The beginning of the end – Day 14 of Home Quarantine

This will likely be the last of my quarantine logs, even though I’ll be under slight confinement for an extra day or two until we’ve managed to sanitize all conceivable surfaces that I may have gotten in contact with.

Starting tomorrow, my door will be open and I will no longer have to interact with my parents and sister via a mask, although we’re holding off interactions with my 80 year old grandmother for a couple of days just to be sure.

My day today has actually been filled with sanitizing the areas, I’ve wiped down most surfaces that I was in contact with, including my suitcases, the cupboards and the door handles. I’ve also cleaned up the bed so that the bedsheets can be put to wash tomorrow. I’ve packed all my non-essentials and I’m greatly looking forward to tomorrow!

For anyone who is going through a similar time and needs a listening ear, I reply to comments as soon as possible so go ahead and reach out if you like!

The fight will continue through this pandemic and I hope we will be able to cross this gigantic hurdle given the time and resources.

I’ve made sure to end all of my logs with stay safe and stay inside. I know these are the only two pieces of advice I can give you, and I sincerely hope everyone is staying inside as much as possible. For their sakes and everyone else’s.

Signing off from the home quarantine in a couple of hours.

Stay safe, stay inside. Jai Hind.

Dawn is breaking – Day 13 of Home Quarantine

We’re almost at the end and I’m actually very thankful that it is.

Today is the penultimate day of my home quarantine. This means, starting day after tomorrow, my door will no longer have to remain completely shut for the whole time.

For the protection of my grandmother who’s inching towards her 80th birthday this year, I’ll still be sort of restricted to the room. My parents and sister, however, will be cleared to freely interact with me without the need for whatsapp video calling.

As my home quarantine comes to an end, so do my daily logs. This blog was never intended as a daily blog and I doubt I’ll be able to keep up with an update schedule that is so hectic.

I’ll attempt to pop in from time to time and keep the blog alive but I probably won’t have quite so much to say or write about.

That said, thank you to all the people that left me encouraging messages whether out here or via other social media channels, this was not a walk in the park and your encouragement did help me a lot.

Again, my home quarantine may be coming to an end, but our battle doesn’t. The numbers grow grim worldwide and while Europe is approaching or has already has its peak, the US and parts of Asia are still unsure of theirs.

If you need a listening ear, reach out to me on these posts and I’ll be glad to help you out any way I can. I hope this storm passes us soon.

I’ll put up my last log tomorrow.

Stay safe, stay inside. Jai Hind.

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