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I’m thankful for Tag

So, after a long time, Savio has nominated me for another tag.

Honestly, I believe everyone should take part in this tag because generally we have a tendency to look at the at the wrongs rather than the rights in our lives. Continue reading “I’m thankful for Tag”

3 Line Tales Week 50 – Mountainside

Photo by Fleur Treurinet

A big thanks to Sonya as usual for holding this challenge! 

Here is mine for this week

“Are you sure it’s here? You we’re probably too young to remember”, the young man whined. The dark eyes that looked at him hadn’t wavered in their determination. “Look for a small cottage-ish structure. It should be around here.”, she said, her  eyes  darting around the mountainside. Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 50 – Mountainside”

3 Line Tales Week 49 – Ghost of a Memory

Photo by Clem Onojehungo

A big thank you to Sonya for continuing to consistently hold this challenge.

I’m hoping I can show some consistency too!

Here’s mine for this week

“Grammy, what’cha lookin’ at in this picha?”, the tiny four year old asked, her pigtails dancing as she struggled to pronounce the words. The old white haired face took on a toothless smile. “At a cheetah patterned dress I’d never be able to fit into, on a mannequin,Hon” Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 49 – Ghost of a Memory”

3 Line Tales Week 48 – Mother Knows Best

Photo by Daniel Cheung

Many thanks to Sonya for hosting the Three Line Tales! Yes, I’m late this time, I’m sorry!

Anyway, here’s mine for the week!

Shoes caked in mud, stains all over the shirt, his mother sighed heavily, wondering what to do for her poor 5 year old as she eyed the pattern of the stains closely.

Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 48 – Mother Knows Best”

Twittering Tales #8 – Alone

Photo from

A big thanks to Kat for holding the Twittering Tales challenge!

Last week was a tad hectic for me so I wasn’t able to take part in The Twittering Tales. 

This prompt gives off a forlorn sort of feel. I font know whether its just me and monochrome photos, though.

Anyway, here’s mine for the week.

Weren’t your friends supposed to be on this trip? 
She smiled forlornly. 

Continue reading “Twittering Tales #8 – Alone”

3 Line Tales Week 47 – I’ll dedicate it to you

Photo by Ales Krivek

Many thanks to Sonya, as usual, for holding the TLT Challenge!

Here’s mine for the week

Pat pat came the sound from next to him. The only other sounds in the quiet, dark landscape were that of his pants and the thud of his shoes. No one believed in his dream to win the Olympic medal, no one wanted to accompany him on his midnight runs. No one except Trevor.

Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 47 – I’ll dedicate it to you”

3 Line Tales Week 46 – Monochrome

Photo by Sean Tan

Many thanks to Sonya for hosting the TLT every week!

On with the story

NO ENTRY, DANGER, DEEP WATER, the signboard seemed to warn. It didn’t really register in her mind anymore. Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 46 – Monochrome”

Twittering Tales #7 – A Day before An Exam!

Many thanks to Kat for hosting Twittering Tales every week! Head to the link above to read last week’s entries and participate this week!

Here’s mine

“No mobiles or tablets! Let’s have a look at your French Grammar!”

There was no stricter teacher than a best friend one day before the exam.

(138 characters)

Continue reading “Twittering Tales #7 – A Day before An Exam!”

Chapter 6 – Resolute lies the Will of One who has tasted Failure once

The winds had halted, their very breaths held in anticipation, all eyes set at the Consiliur’s tower. The second princess would pick an aide tonight.

Continue reading “Chapter 6 – Resolute lies the Will of One who has tasted Failure once”

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