It was a morning of perfection as Nick lay on the bench outside Barker’s drugstore. Trees swaying in the mid-morning breeze were accompanied by the sun shining down on his handsome form. Many a girl had their eyes drawn to the young man lounging in the heart of town, dark curls gently being caressed by the breeze, startling blue eyes turned towards the sky.

20 years ago, however, the day hadn’t been this pleasant at all.

Storms had attacked the city, uprooting trees and flipping carriages and caravans off the road. That was where Nick’s parents had been at the time, in a carriage on their way home from Praeston, a town to the North. The carriage had been flung from the path into a tree, killing his father and the carriage driver instantly. His mother, however, had managed to haul herself and her 4 year old out of the doomed vehicle just in time. She had succumbed to her bruises 48 hours later in the city medical facility.

When the storm had finished ravaging the city, many children had been left homeless and had been gathered and cared for by a trust that was formed for that purpose. And here he was, 24 years old, mourning over his parents with the entire city. All shops were closed for the day, so he dragged his feet back to his house on Dome Street.

The house his parents had left him was enormous, 3 rooms on each of the 2 storeys, since their staff had quarters on the ground floor itself. In fact, this was one of the houses that was used to provide shelter to the homeless children after the storm and it had been renamed to Salvan which meant “Saviour” in the local language. His job as the co-owner of Barker’s paid enough to live comfortably but Nick had never been able to shake the loneliness that the house brought. No girlfriend had ever been able to chase it away and gradually, he had stopped trying, accepting the fact that he was probably meant to be alone for the rest of his life.

Fate laughed as she shifted her eyes to another. Oblivious to the attention, 2 towns to the west, Regina slammed the door.

So, this is the series I began writing when I was 11 years old. Obviously, I’ve bettered the English and added a bit more story since then. What do you guys think? Let me know through the comments.

Chapter 2: The Awakening