Howling With The Wolf

The unimpeded thoughts of the spirit


October 2015

Chapter 8: Spectrum

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Helping her up and still chuckling he wondered if he’d ever heard Arderine laugh this freely before. Their banter continued till he looked at his scanner.

Looking up at the woman in front of him, he could utter only one word



Quesios was worried. Scratch that, he was terrified. What had gone wrong? How had the Immersion gone so wrong?

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This is how I picture the cave of the lakes in The Quest for the Living Water Series on my blog.
The ferns guard the entrance to the cave, 6 lakes are visible in this picture on the ground
To the bottom right is the Midnight Blue lake – For the Alert
To it’s left at the bottom of the page is Electric Blue – for the eccentric
To the far left at the bottom is Turquoise – for the philosophical
At the top left is Burgundy – for the Magical
Middle top is Blood Red- for the Protectors
And at the top right is Orange – for the uninhibited
You can also see the Golden peeking out a bit at the centre of the painting


                                                                                                                                       ©Sonali Mukherjee

The Sanctity of Silence, the Hope in Song

I wrote this on 21st October in the RK Mission shrine. I hope you like it. Review and comment ☺

In our day to day lives, seldom do we have enough time to ourselves, for silence, for introspection. Today, I don’t ever remember being as comfortable with silence as I was at Ram Krishna Mission at Khar.

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Chapter 7: Memories

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Aurora took the details in, slowly mulling over what she had learned.

“What about our Mother?”

Queen Arderine sighed softly at the tentatively voiced question.

The answer was equally soft.

“She IS the Light.”

Amy bowed her head respectfully as her Queen grieved for her mother. Aurora’s voice seemed to have frozen itself. Her lips formed soundless words as her mind tried to make sense of this new revelation.

“The war was depleting our resources and without the Light to protect us, our people would have perished.” The Queen paused, steadying her voice before continuing, “Apart from the 23 Lakes you saw, there is one more. Visible only to a select few – The Protectors of the Light. There are only 5 at any given time and they are spread over the entire world. Mother was one of them.”

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From Inside Our Minds

Sometimes, i think humans should have been a telepathic race. So many things would become so much simpler. No-one would ever have to be ALONE. A well meaning stranger could simply knock on your mental barriers and cheer you up. There would be no false emotions, since those would easily be caught. A smile would convey the true happiness or sadness which is presently hidden behind the barriers of our minds. And no-one, not a single person would be alone.

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Chapter 6: Revelations

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Regina looked questioningly at the Queen when she held the square out to her. Not breaking eye contact, she slowly turned her palm upwards and accepted the little buiscuitish looking piece of God knows what, and instantly regretted it. All the images that Amy had managed to keep at bay returned in full force, tearing through her mind. Clutching her head, she slowly sank to the ground, wondering how many times someone could black out in one day.

Then there was silence. No images, no noise, no searing headache. Her head was clear.

She looked up at the smiling Queen in wonder and mouthed, “How?”

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Chapter 5: Chosen

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The entire castle was murmuring when Regina was escorted out of the room she had been originally brought to by a visibly shaken Amy to the Queen’s quarters. Every corner they turned, the staff dropped every pretense of work to stare at the woman who had made the Light appear for a second to every single person inside the barrier. Citizens had flocked to the castle to confirm the vision that had collectively appeared to all of them.

Meanwhile, the Queen quietly made her way underground.

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Chapter 4: Beckoning

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The door of the tearoom burst open and Amy came barreling in, panting and out of breath.

“She went into Immersion”, said the purple eyed girl, her breath coming in gasps and pants, eyes wide in fear.

The Queen’s look of confusion melted into horror with Amy’s next words, “She was confirmed to be 23 years old”

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Chapter 3: Disoriented

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Running, there was too much running, her legs began to tire and her lungs were burning for breath, but she had to keep running. All around her, fires blazed down the remnants of those who had stood against him. She quickly looked behind to make sure no one was following her before she snuck into a cave hidden by creepers and turned around once more. The mouth of the cave reflected oddly. At the very least, the light seemed to be on their side, she thought as she held her precious cargo tighter and moved forward.

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