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Running, there was too much running, her legs began to tire and her lungs were burning for breath, but she had to keep running. All around her, fires blazed down the remnants of those who had stood against him. She quickly looked behind to make sure no one was following her before she snuck into a cave hidden by creepers and turned around once more. The mouth of the cave reflected oddly. At the very least, the light seemed to be on their side, she thought as she held her precious cargo tighter and moved forward.

16 brightly coloured lakes shone at her from the ground, she looked up to see 7 more illuminating the ceiling, the water never spilling a single drop. Stroking the sleeping baby’s face once, she whispered, “Sleep Aurora, Mumma loves you”, walking towards the lake shining orange at the north of the cave, on the ceiling and taking a deep breath, threw the unconscious baby upwards,watching with numb anticipation as it broke the surface. She lowered her outstretched arms after nothing fell back.

Regina woke up with a start and shot up in the bed. Soft silken comforters and orange pillows greeted her already alert but somewhat disoriented mind. Slipping off the bed cautiously, she tried to remember what had happened to her. Looking around the oddly lavish room, she spotted the window and immediately headed toward it, intending on discovering exactly where it was that she was being held. However, when she looked out, she froze.

Gardens lay beneath the window dotted with yellows and reds, too far to identify the exact species. Standing guard over the gardens however,was a wall like nothing she had ever seen before. It seemed to shimmer when the light struck it and even when it wasn’t shimmering, it didn’t advertise the view of the other side. She squinted to see if it was a light trick, going to the next window and peering out of there too, but the barrier seemed to be opaque but not quite opaque at the same time. She couldn’t quite wrap her head around it, how could one create such a barrier and not be curious about the other side. Scratch that, how was such a barrier even possible? What material was it made of?

“Light”, came a voice from behind her and Regina jumped violently, her hand reaching automatically for her catapult and brushing the coarse fabric of her tunic instead. Wild eyed, she immediately assumed defense position as she turned around and looked at her attacker.

“You were broadcasting”, the blonde replied, standing in her doorway with a pile of cloth. Regina’s eyes flitted between the cloth and the amused looking blonde in her doorway. Purple eyes took stock of her position and immediately a troubled furrow appeared between her brows.

“I assume you are disoriented by your brush with the shadow, but the effects should have worn off by now”, she further explained.

Regina looked at the blonde with startling eyes and found her tongue. “What is this place?”, she demanded angrily, “And what do you mean, Light?”, she added as she remembered the blonde’s first words.

” My name’s Amy and I would appreciate it if you stopped calling me blonde in your head, thank you very much”

Regina had the decency to blush at that comment. After all, the Amy hadn’t threatened her in any way…yet. She came out of her musings to find Amy still speaking.

“Sorry?”, she asked sheepishly

Amy looked slightly annoyed and repeated slowly, over enunciating each word, “The walls of the fort.”, she paused for dramatic effect, “They’re made of Light, welcome to Luxsplendcastro, The Castle of Shining Light”

Regina blinked a few times before blurting out a very eloquent, “Huh?”

If Amy had been surprised earlier, she looked completely taken aback now. “The Castle of Shining Light? The Beacon of Hope? Oh, Come on. How can you not have heard of it?”

Regina was confused. Who was this girl? Claiming to be in a castle she’d never heard of before. Not to mention that she thought the walls were made up of light apparently. She wondered if she was still dreaming and when this unusual dream would finally end. Maybe the stress was getting to her.

Amy cocked her head to one side and pondered the puzzle that this girl was. No mental defenses, not that you could expect any after a brush with the shadow, but she hadn’t even seemed to realise that she was broadcasting. Apparently she also thought she was dreaming.

Suddenly, the girl’s face drained of all colour and she screamed.

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