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The door of the tearoom burst open and Amy came barreling in, panting and out of breath.

“She went into Immersion”, said the purple eyed girl, her breath coming in gasps and pants, eyes wide in fear.

The Queen’s look of confusion melted into horror with Amy’s next words, “She was confirmed to be 23 years old”


To say that Regina was having a tough day was the understatement of the century. From waking up in the morning to face government officials in unfair matches to suddenly finding herself in a creepy cave, she hadn’t had a moment of true rest.. She turned around to look at the creepy lighting again. Sixteen coloured floor lights shone up from the ground, all in varying shades of blues and greens,seemingly bowing before the seven shining down from the ceiling in reds and oranges.

Inspite of 23 lights, the cave was dim and filled with shadows and remembering her last brush with them and Amy’s dismay at her lack of control over her thoughts, she stood in the most brightly lit section, the North. For some reason that was beyond her comprehension, only the orange light seemed bright enough to chase the shadows away. A headache was blossoming behind her eyelids and she rubbed them tiredly, trying to lessen the intensity. That’s when she realised something she’d overlooked. The orange light should have disappeared as soon as she had closed her eyes, technically, everything should have. Problem being, it didn’t. The ceiling still shone as brightly as when she’d first realised she was no longer in the castle.

They say curiosity killed the cat, she wondered if there was any truth behind that statement as she edged closer to the body of orange light till she stood right beneath it. Slowly, she raised her hand it and her eyes widened as the light seemed to reach for her, until it touched her, and all hell broke loose.


Queen Arderine was not one to rush through the corridors of the castle in her evening gown, so it was not surprising when many maids forgot to drop a curtsy and wondered what had warranted their Queen’s haste.

Amy followed not far behind, having exhausted her capacity for panic. There were only two reasons Immersion would ever commence, at it’s natural time to award the citizens with the protection of Light, and at death. While Regina had just encountered a shadow only hours ago, it shouldn’t have caused her death. Surely nothing had been overlooked. What if her mental defenses had been uprooted? What if..?

The thoughts stopped abruptly as she swung around the last corner and stood at the same door, now wide open. There she was, long black waves cascading over her shoulders and spilling over onto her back, her dark eyes now blinking rapidly.

What happened?

The question floated towards her and she answered with images of the incident as easily as she usually did before it struck her. Regina was no longer broadcasting, the question had been directed towards her alone.

“Who are you?”

Amy spun around as she realised the Queen had been standing behind her in silence all this time.

“I’m trying tot tell you my name, but it doesn’t seem quite right now”, Regina said softly, “There is another word floating around in my head though, I’m not sure where it came from”

“What is the word?”

A set of lights dancing in the night sky was the vision that every person in the castle received  moment later.

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