Sometimes, i think humans should have been a telepathic race. So many things would become so much simpler. No-one would ever have to be ALONE. A well meaning stranger could simply knock on your mental barriers and cheer you up. There would be no false emotions, since those would easily be caught. A smile would convey the true happiness or sadness which is presently hidden behind the barriers of our minds. And no-one, not a single person would be alone.

There are many things the human race has evolved to be. We are smarter, stronger and more equipped to handle situations which the world throws at us. On the flip side, we have erected barriers and safeguards around our hearts and minds. A laugh today is nothing more than a mere cover-up of the truth. A person bleeding inside is forced to put on a mask and sketch a smile on it so they can avoid being judged by society for his emotions.

Do we really require to categorize all our emotions and people on the basis of the emotions that they portray? Does a woman who laughs loudly have to be boisterous? Or one who speaks less, submissive? A man comforting another, too sensitive?

To avoid being categorized, to conform to SOCIETY’S norms, people curl up inside their own minds and only the generic shell of a man remains. Eyes – the windows to the soul are promptly covered up by makeup and contact lenses and shut to the outer world. The World is crumbling around us, crushing us out of existence due to our redundancy. If we all are the same, then why keep so many copies? We are the World’s Garbage collection.

I fear the day when Earth becomes a planet of Robots, no technical advancements needed. Closed up in our own husks, the minds starved for contact, crushed under the confines of our own existences, staring at closed windows with hopes dwindling as time passes.

When Pandora opened her box, the evil she let out must have been Loneliness, for it has wreaked havoc in the minds of men, imprisoning their souls and leaving behind empty armours. I hope the human race realizes their mistake as I draw the curtains on my soul and curl up inside my mind, bidding the world a Good Night.

©Sonali Mukherjee

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