I wrote this on 21st October in the RK Mission shrine. I hope you like it. Review and comment ☺

In our day to day lives, seldom do we have enough time to ourselves, for silence, for introspection. Today, I don’t ever remember being as comfortable with silence as I was at Ram Krishna Mission at Khar.

Even with the Durga Puja chanting going on next door in all it’s might, the Sandhi Puja song ringing in the air, the unoppressive silence prevailed in Ram Krishna shrine. The sanctity of silence is appreciated in it’s totality in this haven to minds with jumbled thoughts. It serves as a place where one can simply untangle ones thoughts without being asked continuously why one is so quiet. No one judges their neighbour and no one looks askance at anyone.

Just as I’d decided that silence was beautiful and what this world lacks to an extent, the doors to the idol of Ram Krishna and Sharada Maa opened.

The silence was dissipated as the crowd that gathered to chants of Ram Krishna Sharanam and I decided that there was something more beautiful than silence.

Songs. Prayer. Chanting.

The hope in the voices of the crowd was entrancing. Young girls in western outfits standing next to extremely old ladies in Crisp sarees, old men and young alike chanted the song, rhythm didn’t matter as voices intertwined, tugging at the heartstrings and filling me with peace and calming the raging thoughts vying for attention in my mind.

For a minute and a half, though it seemed longer, there was peace in my mind, a blissful blank state as I absorbed the positivity and faith in the notes that filled the air, and for that moment in time, however brief,

There was the sanctity of silence in the Hope of the song.

©Sonali Mukherjee