This is a poem I wrote way back when I was still in school. It was one of the first poems I showed my friends and after the appreciation this poem got, I began to maintain a book.

The winds blow quietly

All is silent

And in this stillness

There’s a shattering of glass.


In this piercing noise

The street sleeps on

Unnoticed by the night

A light stays on.


Somebody is shuffling

In a dimly lit room

The strewn glass from the window

Announces his doom.


In the flash, he is cornered

By four men in Black

Treading whisper soft

Poised to attack.


As he opens his mouth to yell

They deal a blow to his head.

Watching from my window,

I wonder if he is dead.


Blanketed by the darkness

I watch them drag him away

And as if he never existed,

The silence resumes.


©Sonali Mukherjee

9th Grade