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January 2016

The Universe begins with ‘U’

This was an article I’d written for SPark last year. I just wanted to share it on this blog too.
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Chapter 13 – Drowning

Quesios and Maya
Quesios and Maya (the sketch is mine, please give due credit if used)

This is the final chapter for the first part of this series. I will be writing an epilogue, though. Thank You for reading and supporting this series.
The previous chapters can be found here

Nick awoke groggily to a white room. The Saludom, his mind informed him, he’d been asleep for a whole day. The castle felt eerily quiet and he sat up to take note of his surroundings.

Widening his mental field, he could sense two jades on the other side of the curtains that we’re pulled for his privacy. A doctor and a nurse, he presumed. His palm felt tight and he brought it up and curled and uncurled his fingers.

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Episode 1 – Denial (Part II)

Steve, Styke’s neighbour and friend asks Debby about a painting in Di’s room. Debby clarifies that Di didn’t paint. Debby and Styke seek Steve’s help regarding Debby’s loss of certain memories including drawing a certain picture

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Cake in a Mug!

Cake baking is usually quite a tiresome affair and requires a lot of time and patience, which is why most of us shy away from this particular task.

What if I were to give you an easy and quick alternative to make a Chocolate cake in under 2 minutes??

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Episode 1 – Denial (Part I)

Debby moved into Styke and his step sister Di’s house to act as the 15 year old girl’s nanny to help Styke maintain custody of Di. This story goes on from here. It’ll make more sense if you’ve read the Prologue


” Inspired to draw anything yet??”, Di asked from her perch on the window bench in Debby’s room. She’d watched the older woman stand in front of a blank canvas for a full 10 minutes now.

Sighing despondently Debby sat back on the bed, putting away her charcoal pencil. Ever since the fiasco with her fiancé, she hadn’t been able to draw much. Most people told her to let all her frustration out on the canvas but that suggestion didn’t seem to help her state at all.

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