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February 2016

3 Line Tales-1

*image is not mine

The people of the city gaped in wonder,children pointed and smiled
The rainbow exiled from the forest smiled,
Maybe, it could still bring happiness
©Sonali Mukherjee

So, I actually read one of erhynireh’s posts and loved the idea, so here we go! Three line tales out of a picture prompt.
If you would like to join into the writing challenge, go to Three Line Tales for further instructions.

Have a nice day 😃

Ca c’est ma vie et je l’aime

A few days ago, on our way back from a festival in town, my friends and I stopped to look through some clothes for sale at the station.

While browsing, one of my friends held up a beautiful dusk blue T-shirt with silver writing at the bottom and told me that this would suit me.

The shirt said, “Ca c’est ma vie et je l’aime”

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The Girl With Holes in Her Shoes

I was called to college on a Saturday for some extra work today. I didn’t really mind much, but I was tired from a trip yesterday and was grumbling to myself about having to be up and about today when I noticed two small girls in school uniforms.
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Sisterhood Award 😊


The absolutely lovely nominated me for the sisterhood award. Thank You so much for the nomination. 😊

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Life is a hall of mirrors

We all have different outlooks on life and many many metaphors have been used to describe this state of being. I’m adding another one right now by telling you Life is a hall of Mirrors.
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