A few days ago, on our way back from a festival in town, my friends and I stopped to look through some clothes for sale at the station.

While browsing, one of my friends held up a beautiful dusk blue T-shirt with silver writing at the bottom and told me that this would suit me.

The shirt said, “Ca c’est ma vie et je l’aime”

Being from a country where French is not a widely spoken language, I was a bit taken aback by the shirt.

I am absolutely in love with the language, it’s flowing syllables and elegance. My friend, however, can’t read or understand French, yet the shirt she picked out was absolutely perfect.

The translation to the writing is “It is my life and I love it”

Of course, I bought the shirt and I wore it to college yesterday. In a way, it was liberating.

To know that, even subconsciously, the writing made sense, the picture fit and my personality was being complemented by the shirt.

It felt like a message to all those who have or will try to knock me down. It felt like a promise to myself.