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March 2016

3 Line Tales Week 5 – Worth it

Image is not mine

Do visit Sonya’s page for the instructions

My 3 line tale for this week is,

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3 Line Tales Week 4 – Amateur

*image is not mine

So it’s that time of the week again,
Please go to Sonya’s page for more instructions.

My 3 line tale is

The President of the War Committee stood before the flags surrounding the empty war zone and thought of the war about to begin, of what she had achieved in her 14 years of war. The colours of the individual countries stood out, red, greens and blues all around.
“Amateur”, was all that she said before snapping the assassin’s neck.
Wearing black in a sea of colours was not his best idea.

©Sonali Mukherjee


Where I live, a lot of people choose engineering as a field. Even though I chose it myself, everyone always seems to be laughing at the fact that a girl chose it of her own accord. People used to ask me what the point of it was, since I have to sit at home and cook anyway. At age 10, I asked my dad if that was true.

I can never forget what he told me that day.

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3 Line Tales Week 3 – Reminder

Visit Sonya’s page for instructions and do participate

My three line tale for this week is

Her Alzheimer’s got worse year by year until she could no longer remember who he was. So he taped it to the wall next to the window but she never looked. Until one day mother Nature fogged the window to reveal an arrow.
Pointing to their wedding picture.

©Sonali Mukherjee


This post is in response to Wandering Soul’s Story Continuation Challenge

The challenge is to continue with these lines
Heart-broken, helpless and depressed, she sobbed inconsolably.

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Sunshine Award


I was awarded the Sunshine Blog Award by the amazing theextramile

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3 Line Tales Week 2- Two Birds With One Bullet

*image is not mine

Amidst chatter and laughter of people in the restaurant, the assassin tracked his target against the backdrop of the city that had destroyed him. A gunshot rang, splattering the glass with blood, ruining the view. The assassin smiled.
Two birds with one bullet.

© Sonali Mukherjee

I missed last week’s challenge since I was traveling, so this is my second week of 3 Line Tales. Go to Sonya’s page for further instructions and to take part!

Poseidon’s Roller Coaster

In the past ten days, I have done more adventure sports than I have ever done in my life till now, faced the extreme cold (I’m from Mumbai, 5°C is a myth here), gone on a safari in an open Jeep at 1°C, done enough trekking for the rest of my life (not a very big fan) and enjoyed to the fullest.

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