This post is in response to Wandering Soul’s Story Continuation Challenge

The challenge is to continue with these lines
Heart-broken, helpless and depressed, she sobbed inconsolably.

Staring out of the window at the skyline, the businessman counted the buildings. The twentieth peak stood out in his eyes, glass windows sparkling elegantly, mosaic designs that were invisible to all but those who knew of their existence.

The designs of a happy family that mocked him now.

Two weeks ago, his partner had decided to threaten him with exposure of his money laundering habits. A week ago, she had made good on that threat. Three days ago, his wife had started packing her and their son’s bag.

Today was their last day in his penthouse flat with Mosaic windows and the toy room that he had gifted his son on his third birthday. Their last day, not his. She was leaving him. With their son.

Sighing wearily, he locked his cabinets, picked up the keys to his flat and car and walked out of the office he had been asked to vacate by the end of the week.

The rest of the day is blank in his mind. When did he get to the flat? When did his hate for his wife overtake his rational mind?

He couldn’t take his eyes of the scene a few feet from him.

Heart-broken, helpless and depressed, she sobbed inconsolably as blood pooled around her lifeless 4 year old.
Her husband dropped the gun from frozen fingers.
He Missed.