I’ve been challenged by Savio to write a letter to myself, which I will read a year later.

I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but I’m not exactly a neat person and the letter would have more chances of being lost than me actually reading it!

Here are the rules

What is it all about? The Rules go something like this..

1. Tag your post under ‘dearfuturemetag’.

2. Write a letter to yourself and read again (and answer if you want) in one year.

3. Nominate a couple of other bloggers.

Anyway, here’s my letter to my future self

Dear Sonali,

I’m sure you’d completely forgotten about this letter until your reminder popped up today, I’m setting it up right now for 6th April 2017.

It would be odd to offer you wisdom, since you’re the one who is out in the world today, with a job and deadlines and work. I do hope you intend to continue the blog though. Instead of offering you wisdom, I’m just going to take the dust off of some memories that are fresh in my mind and may have become blurred in yours. I hope I’ll be able to lead you into the unadulterated emotions of the last year of your Engineering.

I want you to remember the smiles and laughs when you sat with your friends on a staircase, studying before the term exams because there were 3 hours between them. I want you to remember the canteen and how everyone ended up ordering the same thing they always ordered. I want you to remember the ice cream treats under a hot summer sun. I want you to remember Saree day and traditional day and headgear day because they deserve to be remembered from time to time.

I want you to remember how all of us laughed when we saw the pictures that hadn’t come out looking like they were supposed to. Random clicks and synchronized shut eyes!

And I want you to remember that this was where you spent 4 years of your life. It wasn’t always a straight path, it was more of a very jagged one, but we learned to throw our arms out and balance on the tightrope.

When our group sat together and talked about what we’d be doing a year later, making light of the next year, of crashing a certain friend’s wedding and dragging her off for a holiday😜, making fun of the “Sonali Tilt Pose” and generally being more carefree than you probably are right now.

I just want you to remember that despite the ups and downs, you got through this portion of life. And the road keeps getting longer and longer, different people walk with you for different lengths. Some leave footsteps, some leave laughter and some don’t leave at all. That’s life.

Smile, you have many years left to be lived

-You, a year ago

And I want to nominate Kimberly, Nidhi and erhynireh for this challenge. It’s fine if you do not take it up, I’d just love to read your letters in case you decide to write one😀