My journey of four years in Sardar Patel Institute of Technology ended with the farewell party yesterday!

4 years ago, I was an over-enthusiastic, crazy, immature…wait that hasn’t changed,๐Ÿ˜…!

Jokes apart, these 4 years have guided and shaped me into the woman I am today. From choosing a seat on the first day to securing a placement, there have been multiple stepping stones, some more jagged than the others. Some cut my feet, others soothed them.

So this is a huge thank you to everyone who supported me, or didn’t, those who stood by me and to those who stood against, those who made me smile and those who made me frown.

The first Thank You has to be to my parents and my sister, who stood by me throughout the four years, who opened my eyes to choices I had yet to notice. I would never have gotten through these 4 years without your constant support!

The next thank you is to my first year Teachers.
Thank You Madhavi ma’am for being a pillar of support and for listening patiently to my rants. Thank you for making engineering less daunting and more fun.
Thank You Rita ma’am, for the walks from the metro station to the college, for never dropping the shade of mentor from above us even when we progressed to second year.
Thank You Nida ma’am, for making classes fun and entertaining!

The next set of Thank Yous are undoubtedly to my classmates.
Right from first year, we have shared classes, laughs, jokes and so many memories.

Thank You to the entire Gulabo Gang/Five Star (Vidya, Pooja, Rupali and Meghna) for accepting me as I am, laughing with me, taking random photos, commenting on dresses, swapping recipes and for the wonderful gift you’ll gave me this year. The memories I have with you’ll will be cherished in a special place in my heart. Thank You for everything!

Thank You Meghna(Daman) for being my Speech Processing partner-in-crime, for all the gossip we shared, the inside jokes and the camaraderie that we shared!

Thank You Zareen, Yash, Prathamesh, Pratik(Mistry), Jiger and so many others for the laughs and bad jokes. For the nicknames that stuck and those that didn’t. For horrible puns and relentless teasing. Thank you for the memories.

Thank You Maratha Mandal, for all the gossip sessions, the laughs, the comments during lectures, the wonderful photos and laughs during practicals, for the kurukshetra references, and for showing us how tightly knit a group can actually be.

Thank You Harsh and Kanika, for working with me on our final year project and for the fun we had between serious work.

Thank You Kosha, Kshitija, Kanika and Madhurima for boosting my confidence during vivas, for the second year IV, for the amazing photos we have and the memories that I carry.

Thank You E batch, for the fun during practicals and vivas, for last minute submissions and canceled pracs and lectures!

Thank You Sanjeeth, Vrajesh, Karan, Rahul, Bikram and all the others for the pet projects, the heartfelt messages in my scrap book, for 4 years of doubt solving and for so much more!

Thank you Kshitija, Manoj and Pratik(Mistry) for being my lab partners for 3 years, for pulling my leg and manipulating some readings, for working with me in BCE and for all the inside jokes!

And thanks to everybody else, every single person in the class, thank you for being there through these four years!

The third Thank You set is for the TPCs!

Thank You so much all of you!
Thank You Jinal for handling some of the most annoying HRs with me, for the comments on their fashion sense and for giving me the chance to work with you even in Abhyudaya!

Thank You Gauri, for mentoring me at the start when I called you for nearly every single thing!

Thank You Abhishek for calming me down when I got hyper and helping me co-ordinate, for bringing a smile to my face with bad jokes and puns and for lightening the atmosphere in the TPO.

Thank You Kartik and Prasad, for coordinating with me and solving numerous doubts about placement processes of companies. For the gulab jamun tasting sessions and for all the memories.

Thank You Sikka sir, for giving me the opportunity to interact with companies, boosting my confidence and efficiency and for mentoring me.

Thank you to all the TPCs for making the TPO unforgettable to me!

Lastly, Thank You to those who helped out during juniors training, those with whom I had the pleasure to work with for SPark, the teachers of the department and all those whom I might have missed during my extensive list of Thank Yous.

Thank You Everyone for hopping on to the train for this journey of four years! Here’s wishing everyone All the Best for the future!