So the rules are a little changed and now we write a longer piece each. I’ll be uploading the prompts 7 and 8 later!

The prompt for this week is
Hundreds of drones zoomed ahead in the empty field, buzzing loudly like bees swarming over a honeycomb.

The prompt rules are:
1. The story must have a futuristic sci-fi feel to it.
2. Additional challenge – use the drones to solve some world crisis.

Here’s my story for this week-


Hundreds of drones zoomed ahead in the empty field, buzzing loudly like bees swarming over a honeycomb. Which wasn’t very inaccurate, the young pilot thought to himself as he looked over the Earth.

Hexagonally sectored regions looked back at him, the walls erected in that manner to facilitate law enforcement after the third world war.

An image of another young pilot flickered to life on his dashboard and he began to maneuver his pod as the alert came in
Sector 549 has a code 9. Repeat. Sector 549 has a code 9. Pods 21,22 and 26 will proceed to render treatment

22 and 26. “Yo James, Clayton, I’m moving in!”

With a flick of his joystick, the hundred or so drones under his control swooped into the burning sector, administering the chemical that had taken place of water (a rare and expensive commodity)

He stood back and watched as James air dropped the packaged drinks- engineered to chemically increase the water content in the body and waited for Clayton to drop the energy bars before he returned to central command.

“Code 9 again?”, a curvy brunette asked as soon as he got out of the pod.
He nodded before sighing, “It gets worse every time”

And it had. Ever since the Third World War had spouted a device that had rendered 90% of water on Earth toxic, the water seemed to have lost it’s ability to put out fire. With temperatures touching 50°C, more and more sectors were under threat of Code 9- Fire.

The brunette sighed as they reached the center room of central command. Her badge gleamed in the artificial light, proclaiming HEAD ADVISOR to everyone.
“The king should not be flying out to combat fires”, she said in a whisper

Standing with his back to the throne, the young pilot put his crown back on.
Equally silently he whispered,

“He does if his forefathers were the creators of the device”

Feedback???? Too long? Too short? Too detailed? Not enough detailed? Let me know!