So, I was nominated for this award by Savio😀 Go check out his blog right now! You won’t regret it, I promise😊
Thank You so much!

(a) Write a post to show your award
(b) Give a brief story of how your blog started
(c) Give two advice to new bloggers
(d) Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
(e) Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to

OK, (a), this is a post to show my award, So I’m considering that part done.

(b) How My Blog Started

I used to write stories when I was in school all the time. I had a pact with my parents that I would publish these after I’d fulfilled my other dream, Engineering.

This somehow translated to me getting a job, which happens before the final Engineering exams, which I’m giving now.

I got recruited through campus placements on 19th August 2015. However, at the same time, I wanted to set up a blog for my mother so she could share recipes that could help people who knew 0 cooking to cook. So even though I had set up the blog in August itself, My first post was somewhere in September or October.
(This is my Mom’s blog, check it out)

(c) I’m fairly new to blogging too, not even a year in. But two pieces of advice I’d give are

1. Go check out other people’s blogs, make friends and do challenges. It makes the experience of blogging so much more fun.

2. Make sure your About Me page is properly filled. I didn’t know about it till I was trying to navigate my mom’s blog and found her about me page to be on default. So I’m letting people know.😀

(d) I did that right at the start! But do visit his blog. His posts are funny and light hearted!

(e) 15 other blogs is a bit too much for me since I’m not even a year old, so I’ll nominate 7 other blogs, here we go, *takes a deep breath and starts rattling off names*

1. Mom, not because she’s my mom, but because she deserves it! She’s been putting up easy recipes for children since it’s holiday season and children are always hungry.

2. Ravi
His posts explain so many wars, the strategies behind them and the thinking of many leaders/dictators. Pay him a visit.

3. erhynireh
Honestly, she is one of my favourite bloggers. Her articles are straight from the heart and her poems are beautiful.

4. aurawithwriting
I love her A to Z challenge posts!

5. Aditi
I’ve only recently followed her blog but I must say, her posts are brilliant!

6. Kat Myrman
I absolutely love her different types of poems, her Friday’s word of the day posts and the wealth of knowledge she shares!

7. Kim
I don’t think there will ever be an award I won’t nominate her for! She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve had the good fortune to get to know through WordPress. Her love for life and joy are so limitless that she could turn your whole day around with just one post!

Even if you don’t accept the award, I just want you’ll to know I love your blogs!😍