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Here’s mine for the week!

“Dada, Dada! What’s this box for??” “For?” An old man looked from his inquisitive granddaughter and grandson, the latter simply repeating his older sister’s last word, to the ornately carved horse rider on the box.

“It’s a magical box where, whenever you think of anyone, a note from them arrives. They write about how much they miss you and send you pictures. This horserider is the magical man who delivers them but he’s invisible so the letters just appear” , he said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Can Fluffy also write ‘l-letters’ to me??”, the little girl asked, pronouncing the new word carefully and her face brightened as her grandpa nodded. Letter boxes may  have gone out of fashion but a child’s imagination wouldn’t. Now he just had to think of something Fluffy-the-Teddy-Bear-who-got-taken-apart-by-the-washing-machine would write in a letter!

©Sonali Mukherjee

Dada is what I used to call my grandfather, that’s why I used it!
He used to often tell us stories of stuff that was a bit incredible and I suspect he made up some of that,😝
One of his favorite pastimes with us as children was teasing us with Weevillie Winky(which he managed to convert to Bill Bili somehow) who was supposed to be this villian who came knocking on doors of children who aren’t asleep after their bedtime.