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Here’s my take for this week

“The gaseous years are the defining years for a planet, so be sure not to overbalance”, The Earth heard the Sun say.

But when his mother had a solar flare, he couldn’t help but peek over his shoulder just a bit, teetering on his balance and flailing to keep spinning normally. “Oh dear, now you’re axis is all tilted!”, the rest of the planets gasped and shame overtook the Earth, starting to cry, resulting in a million years of rain.It went on until the Moon gently circled the Earth and calmed him down.

“When you make mistakes, just give them fancy names and no one will care. Let’s call your little tilt The Obliquity of the Ecliptic”

So I rewatched The Abominable Bride (Sherlock Special Episode) yesterday with my mom and this came up. I studied satellite communication in college too so I thought I’d base this one on what I know.
The Obliquity of the Ecliptic is simply the angle that the Equator makes with the Orbital Plane. This in turn gives us the relative tilt in the Earth’s axis, which wobbles a bit. The actual reason or the wobble is some kind of collision, I think, but I twisted it to fit the tale.