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I was going through last week’s 3 Line Tales and suddenly these lines struck me!

Every day, the princess would be up at the crack of dawn to watch the soldiers return from their nightly patrol.

The soldiers looked forward to their 6 year old princess, her frame barely coming up to the small bushes lining the sides of the gates she was forbidden to cross.

Sitting down next to the fire, she would listen to their tales of the world outside the gates, the stories stimulating the child’s imagination.

As her hunger for knowledge grew, the soldiers began to bring her little souvenirs from their sectors. Among them was the one object she revered the most.

It was a tool to travel to another universe, she had found and immediately asked the soldiers to bring her more, if they could.

Every night she would wait to be transported to a different universe and word of these travels spread. Their princess was more knowledgeable at the age of sixteen than any scholar at seventy.

Under her guidance, the kingdom flourished, new types of fertilizers were used, revolutionary ideas were implemented and the citizens prospered.

Upon her deathbed, she decided to share the secret of such travel with all. Millions flocked to view the portal that the princess used and to be enlightened.

A key was the gift given to crown prince, and the door quickly found.

On opening the door, the prince smiled, his mother was right.

On the other side of the door was a library

©Sonali Mukherjee