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July 2016

3 Line Tales Week 22- Reflection

photo by Maher El Aridi

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Silver tents lit with pretty lights adorned the flat rock that stretched for miles on the right, but broke abruptly into a steep cliff on the left. Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 22- Reflection”

3 Line Tales Week 21 – When The Torches are Lit

Image by Dan Carlson

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She ran on the circumference of the arena, leaving trails of fire and trapping the wind power user within it. As she took her tiger pounce stance, the crowd roared, knowing the outcome of the match before she threw the fireball at point blank range. Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 21 – When The Torches are Lit”

3 Line Tales Week 20 – Roots

Photo by Emiel Molnaar

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As he watched the big vehicle cross the threshold of the forest he grew up in, tears welled up in his eyes. The open skies shone down on him for the first time in nine years, making him feel so much more exposed than the dark forests.

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3 Line Tales Week 19 – Ad Perpetuam Memoriam

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She watched the sun set and heard the shuffling of multiple shoes as they made for the exit. The watchman had stopped bothering her to leave a while ago. Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 19 – Ad Perpetuam Memoriam”


Have a read! This is beautiful, the sky is the limit indeed!


So, limitations aren’t supposed to be obstacles, it can be viewed as an opportunity to overcome an obstacle.
I think that’s what Helen Keller did.
She had dreams, vision irrespective of her limitations.Vision is the thing which makes humans different from others.

So here it is, new short tale, titled – “Vision”.


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She visited the Taj Mahal once every month and bought small souvenirs from the shops around the monument. All the souvenirs went in the showcase right across from the window.

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