She visited the Taj Mahal once every month and bought small souvenirs from the shops around the monument. All the souvenirs went in the showcase right across from the window.

He watched her lovingly dust them down every month when she added another one. She always smiled mysteriously when he asked her why she followed this ritual so religiously.

Dark eyes twinkling with mysteries, the pretty dress touching her ankle, candlelight dancing on her earrings, she looked enigmatic. 

He took in a deep breath and smiled at the image she made, her hair softly moving with the wind on the terrace he’d booked. The ring sat heavy in his pocket and he bit his lip as she looked at the stars.

“Come over tonight”, came her soft voice and the ring went further into the pocket as he nodded and stood, dessert forgotten.

They walked under the full moon in relative silence which he broke with a gasp when he saw her house.

It wasn’t the first time he’d been there, but it was the first time he’d seen something like this.

The entire showcase was lit up in red, the souvenirs glowing as the moonlight caressed them.

Bloodstone, for millions of years these have been the source of our life”,she started

” Over time the stories got shifted and people dropped the ‘stone’ and everyone started believing that vampires drink blood to live”

He was sure his eyes were going to fall out of their sockets any moment now. “Does silver hurt you then?”, he heard himself ask.

” That’s a myth too”, she said quietly

“And Gold?”

This time she looked up at him.


This time her eyes began to water as he pulled out the ring from his pocket and held it out to her.

His dead heart seemed to beat faster than ever before as he watched her examine it and look into his glowing eyes.

“The only way to kill my kind is to destroy the person who wears that ring. We don’t eat people or convert them, we simply need someone’s heart to beat for us.”, he said on a whisper,

“Zombies are misunderstood”

©Sonali Mukherjee

I visited the Taj Mahal on Sunday and I was intrigued by the bloodstone which glows as soon as the moonlight falls on it. I wondered what the effect would be on supernatural creatures,and this story began to form in my mind.

I’m sorry for the erratic schedule of uploads but the training schedule is really packed and weekends are taken up by outings in the city.

I’d love feedback on the story! 😀