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Here’s mine for this week

She watched the sun set and heard the shuffling of multiple shoes as they made for the exit. The watchman had stopped bothering her to leave a while ago.

She sighed. He used to bring her here often. They would take the ferry to the amusement park on the other side of the lake, he would buy her cotton candies and take her on rides.

He had always believed in living life in the happiest way one could. Where else would the granddaughter go on his death anniversary.

©Sonali Mukherjee

For those of you that don’t know, I was recruited for my first job in August last year, for the training period, I’ve been in Delhi for close to three weeks now. That’s away from my family for three weeks already! I miss them quite a bit but I miss my late grandfather more. He always wanted to see me complete my engineering, but he passed away when I was in tenth grade.

I wonder what his reaction would have been if he would have been alive now. He’d probably have panicked about me being away from home for a month, advised me about saving up for something or the other and would have launched into one of his stories on skype. He was an amazing man, sharp and strong and I hope I can be half as good as he was.

Miss you Dada!

P.S : The title means Forever in our memories