photo by Rachael Crowe

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Dark Blue eyes followed his every movement, tracking his hand as it opened his pocket watch and smiling sadly when he cursed at the time.

It watched the conflict in his eyes as he looked towards the giant sun dial behind him ehich doubled up as a teleport and at her, amidst the chaos around them. Yet, when he held out his hand to save her, she refused, choosing to stay with the one she loved, asking him to leave immediately.

Two hours later, the Explorer sat on the deck of his ship, unable to get her dark blue eyes out of his mind. Looking at the time locked planet under the ship, the father wept for loss of his daughter. Wept for her love, whom he could also not save. On the memorial that was created for the planet, under her namewhich was beside her love’s, he had three words carved.

Their love,timeless

©Sonali Mukherjee