This is the first time I have tried this prompt, The Secret Keeper’s weekly challenge. Click on the link to check the rules

The words to be used are


Here’s my attempt

She ran towards the open door of the third floor room only to crash into it as it swung shut. 

Don’t go to the third floor, she remembered reading in the plans of the house.

“It never let’s you leave, it is lonely”, came the voice again as the blue barrier moved through her, leaving her with a strange feeling of displacement.

As she opened her shut eyes, she found a little boy sitting in one corner. He hadn’t been there before. Her hands shook violently, cursing her whim to live in an old fashioned house that had led her here.

“Are you new?”

The sudden break in the icy silence made her jump violently and she looked fearfully at the little boy, who was looking at her with expectant eyes. It was the same voice she’d heard a minute ago.

“It likes the taste of our footsteps, it says children have tender flesh. 

It won’t let you leave, it doesn’t let anyone leave.

It was your fault, you went to the third floor.”, he repeated.

She was now beyond frightened. The thought of never meeting her parents again creeping down her spine like acid. The little boy’s second question froze the very blood in her veins.

“How many years have passed since 1988 outside?”

“Don’t scare her like that!”

She turned towards the voice, her hand held up in defense, her demeanor skittish.

“House provides for us, he does”, a middle aged woman wearing some sort of frock said, holding out a piece of bread that might have been considered fresh 10 years ago.

“He likes us, you see. Saved me from my bad ‘usband he did. Told ‘im not to go to the third floor, I did. But he didn’t listen to me anyway. Serves him right.Now you follow me, dear. You’ll need your beauty sleep. You’ll be here for a long time”

Up on the third floor, the vampire smiled, transforming herself into the girl’s form. Her family was sleeping soundly in the real world.  Breakfast in bed.

©Sonali Mukherjee