Photo by Alex Hockett

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Here’s mine for this week

Dan looked from the heavily tattooed, ring-on-each-finger, at-least-twice-his-size man to the adorable, little girl. “You accuse this midget of murder?”, he asked the witness in the box one more time. The witness sighed, “She isn’t what she seems, your honour. You must believe me”. The judge merely shook his head and convicted the tattooed man.

The next second a blade stabbed him through the heart and he heard a child’s voice ring out, “Thank you, your honour” as he blacked out. Dan clenched his fist in irritation as the the girl grew her horns, wings and a forked tail, waving cheekily before flying out of the window after wiping the audience’s memories.

He had eleven tries to convict her of murder, three times were up and he had let her get away again. Unraveling his wings, the tattooed angel asked him softly, “The world will be doomed if she wins. Is there really no human who would look past our appearances?”. His silence was answer enough.