Photo by Steven Wei

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No matter how far they ran, the metal barrier separating them from the sky remained, mocking them, reminding them of their race’s idiocy. Why had they constructed a cage to protect themselves from attacks.Why had they not realised that their planet would be held hostage? 

He shot a look at his partner, her golden locks tangled, her face smudged with dirt and remembered the photo his father had fed into his brain. How had he not realised that this was where the queen of the other planet was hidden?Suddenly stopping, he caused her to crash into him and then look around wildly before turning to him and violently shaking her head at his words.

You need to get over the barrier at any cost.He smiled at his sister, who had tears falling from her eyes, screaming at him as he and the four others behind him dissolved into pure energy and pierced the barrier and her heart before dispersing. Andromeda, unable to take the loss, made all of them into stars, and set the collision route for the planet that took them all away from her. ETA 4 billion years.

©Sonali Mukherjee