Photo by Philip Estrada

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Here’s mine for this week

He likes to knit and sew, how weird!“, came the voices from all around him. He quietly kept making the scarf that he had started, ignoring them as he always did.Until he heard sounds of books and pens crashing to the ground, a girl in a track suit standing in front of his desk, glaring at the ones picking on him. 

Just because you haven’t an ounce of creativity, doesn’t mean you can belittle someone else’s!“, he heard her loud voice ring out, wondering why the foremost athlete of the school was standing up for him. They’re a bunch of idiots, here have a cookie. I don’t know whether I made it right or not. I’m sorta bad at cooking”

That night when he went back to his grandma’s house, he wrapped the scarf he made around her, and she asked him just one question. “Who gave you that burnt cookie?”