photo by Wolf Schram

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Here’s mine for the week

“Hey there’s a fair today, I wanna go, but all we have is that piece of junk you call a car”, he heard the voices of the children say. 2 hours later the older teens, refusing to call him a piece of junk, had massaged and cleaned him back to his colour.

15 people squeezed into a 15 year old car, the old handlegears making for more space in the front, songs filled the silence as they push started on their way, 15 kilometers of journey ahead of them. Until they reached a signal and he spluttered under the stress, giving up. He was too old to support so many, maybe he was a piece of junk after all. “Come on, push, everyone! Let’s get him back on the road!” 

A little encouragement washed away the worthlessness that years of neglect had brought on. At the fair that night, the happiest was the bright yellow car.

©Sonali Mukherjee

This is a story that dad told me about his friends and him. It was the Bandra fair and the year was 1983, the car was a 1970 Ambassador. Thrice they had to push start the car, 5 km was it’s limit! It seemed like such a fun story that I had to write the TLT on it!