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October 2016

3 Line Tales Week 35 – What’s for dessert?

photo by Shaun Holloway

A big thanks to Sonya for holding this challenge every week! Head to her page to participate and read!

Here’s mine for the week!

She watched his face screw up at the very mention of pumpkins and held in a laugh. “Can we not have pumpkin for dinner?”, her adorable 6 year old whined. She pinched his cheeks and smiled as he ran out to play with his friends before dinner. 

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Dead Easy Home Made Waffles

Waffles are the best breakfast you can ask for, the warm inviting aroma guaranteeing a good start to your day. But how do you make waffles without a waffle iron?

There are actually two ways that I have used- Using a sandwich toaster or a grill pan!

These waffles are dead easy and extremely delicious, they will leave your mouth watering for more!

Makes 8 waffles Continue reading “Dead Easy Home Made Waffles”

I’m Back!

Hi, I know I’ve been off the radar for a while, but there was so much work!! Ugh. I’m back now though, and I hope to be more active from now on. I’ve only been posting 3 Line Tales recently, my Delhi Diaries also have been left orphaned and my stories are pretty much in tears!

Since this is quite a random post, I thought I’d just ramble for a while.

Also, my next post is probably going to be a recipe,

Should I post my Dead Easy Waffles recipe?

Or do you want to see some Easy Japanese Manju Recipe?

I love cooking desserts so if you have any recipes that I could try, I’d love if you send me a link in the comments.

Also! I crossed 100 followers a while back!

Thank You all you lovely people for following me and reading my posts! 

I had always hoped that I would find an audience for the stories I wrote, but I found a lovely network of people on this platform.

I have never actually met most of you, but I love the fact that you’ll take time to write sweet and helpful comments and give me feedback just like a family would!

Thanks to all those lovely people who didn’t end up  unfollowing me because I was a little inactive!

My 8 year old self would probably be smiling ear to ear if someone ever told her that there’d be over a 100 people reading what she writes!😊

3 Line Tales Week 34 – Arrow

photo by William Bout

As usual, head to Sonya’s for more TLTs!

Here’s mine for this week

The waves turned into foam as they crashed on either side of them, narrowing the already narrow path, forcing the two swordsmen closer.  As they fought, the kingdom hanging in the balance, the cocky rebel was quickly realizing how much more well trained the prince was.  Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 34 – Arrow”

3 Line Tales Week 33 – Found

photo by Ben Rosett

Head over to Sonya’s as usual!

Here’s mine for this week

“You can’t find her? Leave it to me”, he sighed. He made his way out of the crowd towards the back of the house. Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 33 – Found”

3 Line Tales Week 32 – Grows Dark Thy Path Before Thee

Photo by Mike Wilson

Visit Sonya for more TLTs!

Here’s mine for the week

He was dead tired after work, somehow dragging his feet, trying to get home as fast as he could so that he could go to sleep, when out of the blue, all the lights on the street gave out, plunging the road ahead into darkness. All but one, a sign with the word ‘Service’. The highly misunderstood word discouraged him at first, but the path was dark and he needed directions.

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