Sorry, I  had  everything ready  and  I  simply forgot to post this one!

I  remembered  just  now! My  memory  sucks, sorry@( ̄- ̄)@

So Savio tagged me on this post! 

There are a few questions to be answered,  so here goes! 

(a) Who was your very first follower? Tag them and give them a shout-out!

Mom was my first follower on WordPress! Check out her blog!  She posts easy recipes for all age groups! 

(b) What was the last milestone you reached?

The 100 follower mark!  I’m currently at 111, hoping to widen my horizons now! 

(c) What was your very first post about?
How nostalgic! It was The Father Daughter Relationship .

It was a speech I had to give in my first year or second year of college and I really liked what I came up with,  so I posted it a few days after I got recruited in the company I’m currently working in.  That’s when I made the blog.  I only started posting seriously about a month or two after that! 

It’s quite obvious what it’s about,  but you can check it out if you like! 

(d) Who is your most recent follower? Tag them and give them a shoutout!

That would be Kalpesh Bhanushali of Mera Shayarana Andaaz . It’s  only  been 11 days since the follow, but I love his heartfelt shayari already! Pay him a visit!

(e) What was your last post about? Tag the person who liked it first!

My last post was a Three Line Tale , I think.  Let me confirm….. Yup!  Week 35!

So Sonya of Only 100 words holds a challenge every week where she posts a picture prompt. You can choose to write a haiku or a story or a poem or just three lines! I think it’s pretty awesome!

Mom was the first person to like it! Thanks Mommy! 

(f) How many months/years have you been blogging for?
A year and a half. I started in August 2015.

(g) Have you met any blogger friends in person?
Yup! I knew Nidhi from classes in junior college and I’ve met Piyusha from Wandering Soul when I was in Delhi for my training!  I would love to meet others! 

(h) Have you any social media related to your blog… Share it was so we can … follow you…

Yes!  I have a Facebook page for my blog. I also send whatsapp messages to all those in my contact list! 
Now,  for all those I tag,  I love your blogs and I’d love to know more about you’ll,  but it’s absolutely fine if you decide not to take up the challenge! 

1. La Douleur Exquise

2. Kim

3. Erhynireh

4. Rosema

5. Greenpeace

6. Jahnavi Chintakunta