Photo by Jace Grandinetti

A  big  thanks to  Sonya for hosting this challenge!

Here’s my take on the prompt

He stumbled through the maze, his head foggy with fatigue, dragging his feet through the narrow lanes. If there was anything worse than dead ends,  they were unending roads filled with the horrors of his past

Aimlessly wandering,  he had forgotten what he was looking for, until he turned behind to see the winged man following him. “Aren’t you supposed to lead me through the right path? Why are you following me? “, he asked irritably. 

Quietly, the man smiled, moving aside to reveal a straight path ending in bright light. “I am leading you. My job is to wait for you to acknowledge me. I was simply waiting for you to turn around.” As the man turned on to the path of light, his winged Conscience smiled.

©Sonali Mukherjee