Aditi had nominated me on children’s day,  but I haven’t had time to complete this challenge.  Lately,  work has been quite demanding, and I work odd hours anyway, so I barely have any time for blogging. 

1) Paste your childhood picture and describe something about it (if you remember)

This was taken in Center Parcs, Sherwood in the UK in 2000. I don’t remember what I’m saying in this pic (I’m the one on the extreme right), but this serves as proof of how talkative I am!

2) Share a childhood memory

Let’s see, I remember making chaklis and neemkees  (these are indian snacks) with my grandmother when my mom was busy. 

She used to teach us(I have a younger sister) how to knead the dough, mix the batter, give them shape and fry them. It used to keep us busy for hours!

3) Write about a child like habbit you still persue.

A lot of people, my parents and sister included, would argue that I never grew up in the first place! I still talk a lot and I am very inquisitive. I also get irrationally scared of some people.

4) Nominate ChildrenπŸ™‚

  1. Erhynireh
  2. Kim
  3. The Storyteller’s Abode
  4. Karthik

Bring out the child in you!