Photo by Dominik Martin

Thanks to Sonya for hosting the three line tales.

Here’s mine for the week!

It’s cool to smoke!  Here try one!”, the addict held out a cigarette to the young man.  The very sight of the orange and white stick was enough to trigger the vivid memories and the addicts took frightened steps backwards as he began to scream,  curling in on himself. 

As the young boy whimpered,  he remembered the last moments of his old grandfather, wheezing and unable to hold himself up on his own. 

On behalf of all those who had lost loved ones to this terrible addiction,  he whimpered out a heartfelt

It’s Not”

©Sonali Mukherjee 

My grandfather used to smoke quite a bit and I remember his last moments all too well. All I can say to anyone who thinks it is a sign of how cool you are,  this story is my answer!