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December 2016

3 Line Tales Week 43 – Sparkler

3 Line Tales
Photo by Zara Walker

A big thanks to Sonya for hosting 3 Line Tales!

Here’s mine for the week 

He raised his hand and clumsily tried to explain the game to her as all the other children looked on. The little princess’ face remained blank,  and the children’s faces fell. There was no point on this party if she wasn’t enjoying herself.  Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 43 – Sparkler”

Twittering Tales #4 – Hidden Love

Photo from Pixabay

A big thanks to Kat for hosting the Twittering Tales! Here’s mine for the day.

“Wonder what happened to my love message in a bottle?” Continue reading “Twittering Tales #4 – Hidden Love”

Three Line Tales Week 42 – Nuts and Flour and a Dollop of Cream

Three Line Tales Week 43
Photo by Jennifer Pallian

Many thanks to Sonya for holding this challenge!

A very Merry Christmas to everyone!🎄🎄

Here’s mine for the week!

“Is this Gramma’s recipe?”, the wide eyed boy asked his mother as she taught him how to sift flour. “Of course it is, don’t you believe me?”, his elder sister scowled, setting aside the dates and nuts that they would add later  according to the recipe in the book. One loaf down, some cookies to go.

Continue reading “Three Line Tales Week 42 – Nuts and Flour and a Dollop of Cream”

Twittering Tales #3 – Selfie? 

Photo from Pixabay

Here’s the  link  to  Kat’s  blog  if  you  want to read last time’s submissions or take part this time!

Here’s mine for this week


Fear of the ocean

His eyebrows raised


Arm around her shoulders, 

A quiet whispered “You’ll be fine”

Camera flash

Love replaces Fear

©Sonali Mukherjee

Hand’s Up Tag! 

Hand’s Up Tag!

Thanks for nominating me for this challenge, Savio 

Here are 10 things I think I do best with my hands

  1. Code (This word is probably only used by programmers. It simply means I write programs with these hands. It’s my job!😁)
  2. Continue reading “Hand’s Up Tag! “

Kindergarten Jungle

Beautiful, this is actually quite a beautiful way to explain the introverted child. Everyone always expects children to be noisy and restless, but I’ve seen children be quiet and serious too. That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them, it just means they are interested by different things.

Chapter 5 – Deep Breath Before the Plunge 

Peritia – Sketch by Kartik Chakole

One of my friends did a character sketch of Peritia, including some of the weapons she uses.

Here’s  another with her red eyes!

Sketch by Kartik Chakole

This is almost exactly how I see Peritia. Strong and Calm. With her arsenal of 119 weapons, I think it makes her quite a formidable opponent.

Kartik, Thank You so much for sketching her!
On to the story!

The darkness was sweeping towards the capital, threatening to engulf the entire land of Celaver.

Taking one look at it, the entire focus turned to the man in the centre of the room.

“We can provide cover, she must run.”

Continue reading “Chapter 5 – Deep Breath Before the Plunge “

3 Line Tales Week 41 – Big Sis

Bruno Nascimento via Unsplash

I ended up missing TLT last week because of a hectic schedule. But I’m back! A big Thanks to Sonya for hosting this, head to the link to participate or read!

Here’s mine for the week

The huge pink flower seemed to eclipse the smaller red ones that the other two had drawn. The mother frowned, her five year old always had to outdo the other two, Just  like her. Heading to the garden to admonish her daughter, she heard the words loud and clear.

Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 41 – Big Sis”

Twittering Tales #2 – Eyes

Twittering Tales #2
Photo from Pixabay

A huge thanks to Kat for hosting Twittering Tales!

Here’s mine for the week!

The flames lapped at her feet, ground unsteady, yet she still wielded her weapon, held her stance.

Continue reading “Twittering Tales #2 – Eyes”

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