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I was just going through the blog of a new follower(Thanks for following me),  and I came across this nugget of gold,  which triggered my writing sensors! 
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The world is not as complicated as we make it out to be.

Sometimes I wonder, why do we see trouble where there is none? Why do we perceive things as positive or negative? Is it each person’s perspective that causes the jumble of good and bad in our minds?

I wonder if I can explain the above questions by simply imagining every person wearing a different colour of Aviators. Some see a serene green through theirs, others see a fiery red.

We draw predictions about people’s behaviours from their favourite colours and the colour they like the least.

Is it not like branding them? If you tell someone that their nature is angry just because their favourite colour is Red, what does this information mean to the brain?

I believe each person has possibilities of becoming multiple people. The gentlest of people can turn into the most violent. What holds us back is what is justified and unjustified according to us.

Are such predictions not like justification? Is it not akin to telling the brain that it is alright to be a very angry person.

Thus, in a roundabout way, do we create the problems we face?

We are told that there is always the Victor and the Vanquished.

Isn’t that like saying, because he bullies you, you must be bullied.

I don’t think there is a Victor at all. I think both lose something in the battle for the imaginary Victor.

That is why I named one of my lead characters in The Quest of the Living Water, Nicholas(the name means Victory). He is not the embodiment of Victory at all. He landed up a few centuries ahead in his future, made friends, lost a few in a brutal way and now is struggling to pave some kind of path for himself to walk on.

However, we are different people through our lives. I think the experiences we have shape us and mould us. I think humanity is ever changing, ever evolving.  Like a river, the flow never stops, and if there is an obstruction, we’ll find our way around it.
If our life on this Earth has taken the form of a maze, I think we’ll find our way out,no doubt.

My simple question stands

Is the maze simply an illusion of our minds?