Bruno Nascimento via Unsplash

I ended up missing TLT last week because of a hectic schedule. But I’m back! A big Thanks to Sonya for hosting this, head to the link to participate or read!

Here’s mine for the week

The huge pink flower seemed to eclipse the smaller red ones that the other two had drawn. The mother frowned, her five year old always had to outdo the other two, Just  like her. Heading to the garden to admonish her daughter, she heard the words loud and clear.

“The big one protects the smaller ones from too much rain or sun! That’s why it needs to become big and tall.”, her five year old explained, holding hands and raising her voice over the two crying beside her.

The mother smiled as her daughter explained to her something she’d never understood before.  “Thanks, Big Sis”

©Sonali Mukherjee

I was talking to my Mom and younger sister about this just yesterday. The view from both sides is different and the grass seems greener on the other side.

Siblings are at times the most difficult people in the world. I wonder if thay is because they know each other better than anyone else in the world.