Peritia – Sketch by Kartik Chakole

One of my friends did a character sketch of Peritia, including some of the weapons she uses.

Here’s  another with her red eyes!

Sketch by Kartik Chakole

This is almost exactly how I see Peritia. Strong and Calm. With her arsenal of 119 weapons, I think it makes her quite a formidable opponent.

Kartik, Thank You so much for sketching her!
On to the story!

The darkness was sweeping towards the capital, threatening to engulf the entire land of Celaver.

Taking one look at it, the entire focus turned to the man in the centre of the room.

“We can provide cover, she must run.”

The words were barely registering. 

The man stole a glance at her, his eyes asking her to wait for him before he nodded and shook hands with another man, an elaborately armoured one. 

Her eyes moved over his attire, so very different from the rest of them in the room.

His tunic was long, reaching mid calf,split on both sides from his hip. The trousers were tight, but seemed to be made of flexible material.

Blond hair and bottle green eyes suddenly filled her vision as the man stood before her, stooping to reach her height.

“It’ll all be over soon, the King is heading out to meet them in battle. Once we get back… “

She felt a soft kiss on her brow and a gentle smile and she watched him leave.



The shouts could be heard all the way inside the Castle.

“What is it, what’s going on?”, she tried to ask, but everyone was in a frenzy. Nearly tripping on her white evening gown, she ran to the balcony.

Almost all of Celaver was gone, the outside of the city gates turned to dust, the battlefield gone.

Amidst the sand, all she could see were multicolored flames.

The uniques were returning to the forest. The war was lost.

The silence was shattered by a scream, and she felt arms around her, shaking her awake, calling her name repeatedly until she couldn’t hear the sounds of the frenzy anymore.

Aurora opened her eyes to a frightened trio and a less calmer than usual Consiliur.

“It was a nightmare”, she heard Amy softly declare.

Something must have slipped through the cracks of her vulnerable mind. That was the other reason they needed the Aide Ceremony, the aide’s shield could be used to protect her mind.

Only after Amy held out a kerchief did she notice the tears flowing down her cheeks.

Somehow, she couldn’t explain the crushing loss she felt.

Her head was filled with thoughts of her dream when Nick came up to her. Hence his current situation was absolutely not her fault.

He could damn well wash the soup out of his tunic himself.

“The Consiliur said you gave them quite a scare this morning”, his voice slightly raised as he scrubbed the tunic thoroughly.

The silence suggested his question.

“I don’t think it was Maya”, she answered on a soft sigh, eyeing the length of his tunic. He wore it longer than most other people, but not as long as the man she had seen in her dreams.

Maya had been raised by Quesios at the castle,  but she had been a child when the war took place. The woman in the dream seemed considerably older.

“Is it because of the training?”, the next question was a  little lower,  lest anybody overhear.

The training referred to the lengthy sessions that she was currently undergoing with the Consiliur.

“I didn’t think the ceremony would be so difficult”, Aurora confessed,  slightly miffed.

“It isn’t.”

The instantaneous reply did nothing to lift her spirits and she glared at him.

Honestly,  all of them knew how difficult it was for her. The integration had never been completed and her control over her sword (or swords) hadn’t gotten any better. Without proper control,  the integration ceremony had become a gamble they could no longer afford to entertain.

Her mind shifted to the Consiliur’s words.

“To cross the lands of shadows,  it is imperative to be one of them. Or at least as close as one could get.”

“……….warring light and dark”

Nick’s voice brought her back to the present.

He seemed to be waiting for some sort of an answer, giving her a look of impatience, to which she sheepishly smiled.

The Consiliur had both light and dark inside of her, so the shadows could be thrown off her scent.

Aurora,  on the other hand had two kinds of light and a slight darkness. She was vulnerable. Not to mention the shambles that were her mental defenses.

The Consiliur had deemed it best to split the darkness between the Aide and the princess, and for the aide to at least partially, protect Aurora’s mind.

Which meant that he or she would be able to accompany her. Which everyone hoped would be Nick. He was the only one with sufficient knowledge of the Antiquons.

If she managed to successfully brand him as her aide.

She knew how difficult it was for him and she had been spacing out so much in the last few days, it exasperated him.

“The Garden?”, she asked quietly, and he nodded.

It had become somewhat of a ritual. They would sit together in the garden until the Consiliur called for them. The ceremony was only two days away.

All preparations were complete.

Seating herself on the soft grass, she looked towards the wall of light, letting whatever remained of her shields slip a bit, feeling his presence just outside her mental barriers. His shields were let down a bit too.

Suddenly,  he jerked,  and she looked at him, worried.

“Your dreams… They’re getting worse.”

So that’s what he’d seen.

With her barriers down a bit, the louder thoughts often spilled out.

She let the equivalent of a yes slip through the barrier and felt him withdraw into his mind for a bit.

Slowly, she felt his calming Cyan engulf her consciousness and she smiled.

Telepathy was amazing.

Her warm cocoon was taken away when she felt another presence approaching.

They had been summoned.

The Consiliur sat on her bed, running through the ancient texts that lay scattered all around her. For generations, they used the pictures as reference for the ceremony, but Nick had translated them partially and now they could follow procedure. Which was good considering how dicey the situation could get.

The Protector could trust in her brother all she liked. The consiliur never did. He was far too clever for her liking.

She felt Nick and Aurora approach and straightened her shoulders.

They would see what would come to pass in two days time. She hoped fervently that at least this time, the die rolled in their favour.

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©Sonali Mukherjee