Beautiful, this is actually quite a beautiful way to explain the introverted child. Everyone always expects children to be noisy and restless, but I’ve seen children be quiet and serious too. That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them, it just means they are interested by different things.


The jungle is a scary place. Its filled with shrieking creatures about three feet tall, running and screaming everywhere they go. The jungle is dangerous place, filled with high man made mountain tops, and large swirling red waterfalls.

The jungle is a mysterious place, filled with crying and blisters on their hands. They run around like animals, playing tag, and climbing trees. I feel the wooden chips on my knees.

I duck behind the large concrete wall, my back cold against it. I sat here to escape the thing they call “recess”, and I paint on the wall, hidden from view. I paint my mural of my abstract thought, onto the cracked and worn wall. I still here the screaming and laughing from above. I take the pink flower I found this morning and glue it to the vibrant green stem that got slathered on the wall. This is my…

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