Three Line Tales Week 43
Photo by Jennifer Pallian

Many thanks to Sonya for holding this challenge!

A very Merry Christmas to everyone!🎄🎄

Here’s mine for the week!

“Is this Gramma’s recipe?”, the wide eyed boy asked his mother as she taught him how to sift flour. “Of course it is, don’t you believe me?”, his elder sister scowled, setting aside the dates and nuts that they would add later  according to the recipe in the book. One loaf down, some cookies to go.

Their mother just smiled and watched her children bicker, taking special note of how the elder one quickly moved the sieve so that the flour wouldn’t fall on the floor. A few minutes later, she watched her four year old toddle with a fistful of nuts to his sister, who separated them into ones they would use and ones they wouldn’t. 

She started as she felt something drip off her nose and watched her husband laughing happily, a dollop of cream on his finger being the evidence of his crime. As her laughter bubbled up to join that of her family’s, the only words she could manage to get out were 

Merry Christmas 

©Sonali Mukherjee

I was convent schooled through the 12 years of my school life and one big plus point was the never ending supply of Christmas sweets. Another was the tree we decorated at home! Of course there were also the gifts!

I was in for a shock when I realised that neither of my colleges after that(amounting to 6 years) celebrated Christmas quite the same. There were no cookies, no marzipans, no other sweets. 

When I started baking, last year, I resolved that each Christmas I would bake cookies, Christmassy ones, trees and stars and cinnamon spiced ones,  so I never let go of those memories of my childhood. 

I have so many memories attached with Christmas that it might take me forever to list. 

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!