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December 2016

Twittering Tales #1 – Diary

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I stumbled upon this challenge while going through my WordPress Reader.

I generally have very long and elaborate tales, except for the three line tales I take part in every Thursday. Let’s see how I fare with 140 characters!

Thanks to Kat Myrman for hosting this challenge!

Here’s my entry for  the  challenge!

Jan 2012,

Dear Diary,  I wonder what expression he has right now. 

The soft teardrop on the page answered his wife’s question on her last entry. 

3 Line Tales Week 40 – Until that entire batch of flour is done

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Once again, a big Thanks to Sonya for hosting Three Line Tales!

Here’s mine for the week!

“How long do I have to keep doing this for?”, the little kid whined, patting the sieve to make sure the flour was sifted properly. “Until that entire batch of flour is done”, his mother’s words brought forward the legendary pout and his mother tried hard to stifle a smile as she beat the egg into stiff peaks.

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An Illusion of Our Minds

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I was just going through the blog of a new follower(Thanks for following me),  and I came across this nugget of gold,  which triggered my writing sensors! 
Read the blog here

The world is not as complicated as we make it out to be.

Sometimes I wonder, why do we see trouble where there is none? Why do we perceive things as positive or negative? Is it each person’s perspective that causes the jumble of good and bad in our minds?

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