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January 2017

3 Line Tales Week 47 – I’ll dedicate it to you

Photo by Ales Krivek

Many thanks to Sonya, as usual, for holding the TLT Challenge!

Here’s mine for the week

Pat pat came the sound from next to him. The only other sounds in the quiet, dark landscape were that of his pants and the thud of his shoes. No one believed in his dream to win the Olympic medal, no one wanted to accompany him on his midnight runs. No one except Trevor.

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3 Line Tales Week 46 – Monochrome

Photo by Sean Tan

Many thanks to Sonya for hosting the TLT every week!

On with the story

NO ENTRY, DANGER, DEEP WATER, the signboard seemed to warn. It didn’t really register in her mind anymore. Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 46 – Monochrome”

Twittering Tales #7 – A Day before An Exam!

Many thanks to Kat for hosting Twittering Tales every week! Head to the link above to read last week’s entries and participate this week!

Here’s mine

“No mobiles or tablets! Let’s have a look at your French Grammar!”

There was no stricter teacher than a best friend one day before the exam.

(138 characters)

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Chapter 6 – Resolute lies the Will of One who has tasted Failure once

The winds had halted, their very breaths held in anticipation, all eyes set at the Consiliur’s tower. The second princess would pick an aide tonight.

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3 Line Tales Week 45 – Keeping A Straight Face

Photo by Annie Spratt

As usual, a big thanks to Sonya for hosting the Three Line Tales every week!!

TLT actually turns 50 this week, I missed a few weeks at the start and a few in between so I’m still at 45.

Anyway, here’s my TLT for this week

Pretty onyx eyes darted around the room, her lips forming a sheepish smile at the clang her fork made as she tried to cut the meat like the other ladies. Failing spectacularly. Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 45 – Keeping A Straight Face”

Twittering Tales #6 – Infallible 

Twittering Tales
Photo from Pixabay

A big thanks to Kat for continuing to hold the Twittering Tales Challenge. 

Here’s mine for the week.

Nobody knew about the inspiration – his three friend and dog infallible support team.

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The Most Awesome-Concept Manga I have Read! 

As a child, I used to watch a lot of anime on TV, as I grew up, I ended up drifting away from it. Death Note was the one that brought me back to this world after a long stay away. Bleach took over my whole world after that and then there was no turning back.

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3 Line Tales Week 44 – Treasure Map

Photo by Andrew Neel

A big thanks to Sonya for hosting the  Three line tales every week.

Here’s mine for this week

She sat with her head in her hands, wondering how to deal with her five year old son. Muddy and bruised, he claimed he’d found a treasure map that led under the treehouse, made a flag, and stuck it on top so no one would steal their treasure. On a sigh, she tried to explain to him, “There is no such thing. That’s how all treasure maps are. Empty.”

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Year in Review

Year in Review

I was actually looking forward to the year in review that WordPress did last time, but since they didn’t do it this time,I’m just going to run through my year right here.

I actively started blogging from October 2015, but I seem to have missed the stats for January so I’ll start with Feb. Jan was the month of exams, the last semester of my college life had begun. There were loads of ups and Downs,  but I’ve scaled them and come out victorious.

Here are the total stats
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