Photo by Annie Spratt

As usual, a big thanks to Sonya for hosting the Three Line Tales every week!!

TLT actually turns 50 this week, I missed a few weeks at the start and a few in between so I’m still at 45.

Anyway, here’s my TLT for this week

Pretty onyx eyes darted around the room, her lips forming a sheepish smile at the clang her fork made as she tried to cut the meat like the other ladies. Failing spectacularly.

Across from her, the young man in the tux silently picked up the meat and tore into it, forgoing the cutlery completely. Pressing her lips together to somewhat contain her smile, she quietly began to do the same.

It wasn’t like the princess stories, he wasn’t the most handsome man in the room, she wasn’t the most dignified. Love did not need to conform to society’s norms.

©Sonali Mukherjee 

I’m not a big fan of princesses. I never have been. Unlike most people, I didn’t read princess stories with happy endings as a child, I read the originals.
The Little Mermaid does not live happily ever after, she leaves after the prince marries someone else and turns into foam.
Rapunzel does not get rescued from the tower, the story is not a happy one.
But the main factor that puts me off is their need to be rescued. I was raised very differently. If I needed something, I can get it myself.
Light bulb needs fixing, go ahead and fix it. Why should someone else carry a heavy bag for you, do it yourself.
Another thing I don’t like is the need to conform to society’s norms.
Why do I need to do something simply because everyone else is doing it? What will it do to my essence as a person, to my individuality?

Rant over.
Conclusion : I Really don’t like princesses 😂