Photo by Sean Tan

Many thanks to Sonya for hosting the TLT every week!

On with the story

NO ENTRY, DANGER, DEEP WATER, the signboard seemed to warn. It didn’t really register in her mind anymore.

Her shoes sloshed, filled with water as she kept walking, trudging, then floating, and falling. Her vision turned red, and under water, she smiled. There was only one thing she had needed to get rid of. 


©Sonali Mukherjee

I have probably read this somewhere and I’m not sure how correct I am, but generally, before we die from lack of air, our vision changes colour. It goes from the cooler green to blue to red. 

Ironically, I think I read this when I was looking up which colour of aviators to buy. Nice way to make people buy green aviators.

The TLT is a simple take on depression, and how I believe it feels like. I do not even expect to come close to how excruciating it is for someone.

I believe that there is a small part of that person, flashing the warning sign, but maybe they are too numb to react. Too desperate to feel something else, anything else. Desperate enough to let go of anything and everything.

Extremely terrifying.