Photo by Fleur Treurinet

A big thanks to Sonya as usual for holding this challenge! 

Here is mine for this week

“Are you sure it’s here? You we’re probably too young to remember”, the young man whined. The dark eyes that looked at him hadn’t wavered in their determination. “Look for a small cottage-ish structure. It should be around here.”, she said, her  eyes  darting around the mountainside.

A small shout of “Finally!” redirected their attention to the third in their group as he stood atop a rock pointing at a small hut. “This is it.”, she breathed out as she reverently touched the old piece of paper stuck on the window. 

The door opened to reveal an old woman with tears in her eyes. A soft neigh caught the attention of the majestic beast nuzzling the girl’s arm. The Unicorn Rider was home. 

©Sonali Mukherjee