A year back, Savio had nominated me for a challenge. I had to write a letter to myself, that I would only read a year later. Being the extremely forgetful person that I am, I made sure to set a reminder. It showed up on my calendar yesterday.

You can read it here

It made me realise how the younger, fresher me saw life. How she predicted somehow, how I would be feeling. Little nuances of my life at that time, that were almost forgotten by me till today. 

So I’ve decided to continue this chain. I’ll be putting up a reminder today for 6th April 2018, so that 23 year old me will remember what I know now. 

Here goes


I wonder how life is right now? Hectic? It certainly is for me.

So let’s follow the trend we started in 2016. I won’t give you any advice. Well, I’ll try not to. I’ll just tell you about the things here and now, which would have become there and then to you.

Doesn’t it just feel like we’re going through the highlights of our lives?

Well, I got rolled off of ESG, if you’ve forgotten, that was the first client we worked for. The RAPTOR KTs are done. Do you still remember RAPTOR? I think we did 90% of our learning there.

I’ve just started working on the new in house project. Life is exciting.

I just read the Dear Future me written in 2016 and I wonder where all this time flew.

Delhi, Noida, the crazy one and a half month, graduation, alumni meets.

Do you remember Delhi? I think those are some of my fondest memories. Have you gone back there since? Have you had a chance to go to CP again?

Remember how we watched Conjuring 2 one night? In a scary hotel with friends. I wonder how we even fell asleep. Do you remember the look on Dad’s face when we treated them to lunch? Or their birthday dinner? Do you remember the pride we felt? How about the smiles on Mom and Dad’s faces when we graduated? 

The insane amount of time we needed to figure out how to get the damn gown on? We ended up googling that shit!

Is your desk still that decorated? The potpourri and Boeing 737 model proudly displayed.

What about the model of the Golden Temple that Sahil got for us? Are you still wearing the kada? The penstand that Mugdha put up for White Elephant? Have there been any additions?

Are you still using the One Plus One? Or did you get around to buying a new phone?

Do you remember winning the Christmas quiz like a boss? Or trying out the sushi with Basmati rice?

Are you still cooking? Did you get more regular with the blog?

Have you met the guys from your college recently?

Do you still practice the dance we used to learn as kids?

Did you get a chance to publish a new story?

Are you happy with your life?

It seems I have a lot of questions for you. 2016 me was hopeful, 2017 me is curious.

I want to know about you. I know how much change a year can bring. How it can do a complete 180° on your personality.

Are you excited for your birthday? Its coming up, right? Do you have something planned? Or are Mom, Dad and Sneha hiding it from you again?

Do you play carrom? Have you gotten good?

It’s a little overwhelming, isn’t it? Trying to write a letter to yourself. We spend so much time wondering how our future will pan out, only to realise you can never answer yourself.

Just remember that at the point of time when I wrote this letter, I was happy. 

Life really is too short to feel sad about. But you are entitled to your sad moments. Just try to keep them as brief as possible.

I’m sure if I saw you now, I’d be astonished.

Take Care.