I’m only slightly late for this one!

I have an idea I’m still developing for this series, I hope it works out by the time I part the next installment!

This week’s line is as below –

Line– The wily politician was far too alert to fall into that trap

Book – The Eleventh Commandment

Author – Jeffery Archer

Series – None

Book Number – N/A

Chapter – The Loner

Page – 119

She tried to shake off the dark spots in her vision as she sat up, rubbing her forehead in an attempt to soothe the headache blooming beneath her fingertips.

Once her vision had sufficiently cleared, she took in her surroundings. Bleak grey walls stared back at her, no door or window in sight. Fixing her dress, she started to crawl on hands and knees to feel for an opening, there must have been one through which she was brought in. It was on her fifth round of the room that she heard voices, freezing for a second before she began to yell for help.

The voices seemed to pay her no mind and she had screamed herself hoarse when she heard a blood curdling scream. Momentarily frozen, she immediately leapt into action when the noise died down into whimpers, trying her best to pinpoint the source of the sound.

She’d narrowed it down to one wall when the noise stopped entirely. Hurriedly feeling in her dress pockets, she cheered when her fingers closed around a stray piece of chalk, likely left there by one of the kids she babysat.

She drew various tiny markings on the wall so she could identify it from the other ones, since no form of direction was discernable at the utter lack of windows and doors. Belatedly, she wondered where the air she was breathing came from.

A whiff of said air led her to discern a slight irregularity in the smell, before she could identify it, she felt her vision grow darker around the corners.

“He’s here”, said a whisper without any physical form.

The first thing she saw when her eyes focussed was a broad back covered in rich black cloth. As if noticing her eyes on it, the back turned to reveal a face she had seen multiple times on flyers and tv.

The young dashing minister, the youngest to stand for the elections and win with a landslide majority.

A pleasure to meet you“, came his deep voice. His eyes, however, looked sad.

She thought quickly, pretending to be dazed before standing up too quickly and tripping over her own dress. The young man quickly steadied her, keeping a steady arm around her to keep her from face-planting.

Welcome to the dungeon, a very original name, if I may say so“, he chuckled mirthlessly, eyes still unbelievably sad.

She flinched violently at the sudden banging that ensued from her right, the markings standing out to her on the wall.

I see you’ve noticed “, he continued, not a flinch as the banging rose in volume only to be followed by pitiful moaning.

At her incredulous look, he seemed to soften. “He’s asleep. Only dreaming

As if that made it better, she wanted to argue.

She stood once again, faltering in her steps.

He put out his hand to stop her fall.

She took her chance and elbowed him with all the strength she could summon, screwing her eyes shut tight.

At the utter lack of sound, she wrenched them open again. Her elbow was cradled in his arm, no harm had come to him.

The wily politician was far too alert to fall into that trap.

I really intended to avoid this situation“, he sighed.

Her vision going black for the third time, all she could think of was the heart wrenching sadness in his eyes.