A big thanks to Sonya for hosting the TLT challenge, click here to participate or read the other entries.

Generally, I find it tough to write with prompts that involved actual people or their faces, that’s why I tend to keep it vague and mysterious when I write a character, especially for a short tale where I can’t include a back story.

I think this is probably the toughest prompt I’ve taken part on for the TLT series. I hope it stays up to the mark!

Here’s mine for this week

“Vitals are stable! Condition improving”, he heard someone shout, blessedly blinking his eyes at the bright light above him, “Sir, we cannot find you in our database, do you have any recollection of what might have happened to you?”, the officers asked him a few days later.

Memory flashes of portals and witches lit up behind his closed eyes, a well loved voice whispering Good luck on your mission before her body dropped lifeless before him, hand still outstretched.

Eyes screwed tight to conceal the flashing green irises, mission clear in his mind, voice trembling to induce pity, came his quiet reply, “I don’t know”

©Sonali Mukherjee