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Here’s mine for the week

He entered through the cave doorway, throwing back his hood, taking in the weary faces around him as he sank into a sitting position around the fire. “What now?”, their eyes seemed to ask him, all eyes falling to the man who led them, long lives considered lost if the land didn’t have their king.

He smiled, sensing a boy approaching his form and he looked to the men with determination shining in his eyes. “Now, I finally relent”

A moment later, Avalon cheered as Excalibur vanished, his fate calling, his prayers heard. The sword had been drawn from the stone.

©Sonali Mukherjee

I was sort of entranced with King Arthur and the round table when I was young, but the topic that caught my interest and refused to let me go was the concept of Avalon.

Do look it up if you’re curious, the mythical land is fascinating!

Also, side note, I used to play the Wii Resort and this really looks like the place by the beach where you have to fly through to get points!