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Here’s mine for the week

Stumbling and tripping, she felt her way in the dark, her calloused hands having gotten used to the rough wooden planks that made up the walls.

Suddenly a ray of light hit her face, illuminating the tracks of dried tears and snot on her face. “No one has been here in 10 months, it’s just a dare, come on!”, she heard voices exclaim.

The only thing that froze the blood in the boys’ veins was a quiet, cracked Help that rang in the silence, tired of months of being lost in the abandoned castle.

©Sonali Mukherjee

This picture does seem a little spooky, but it looks more lake a place where someone could easily get lost!

I’ve really been trying to write/upload some things, but my course is a slightly demanding one which should get slightly lighter in the next few weeks.

All in all, Nantes is a beautiful city, with wonderful, helpful people and tasty crêpes. The château is beautiful and the skies are so clear and blue (not for very long, I’m told!).